Products and Services

Bringing Meaning into Monday™ is a journey versus an event. We can tailor our approach to specific client needs or we offer a community-based delivery model, wherein participants or teams from multiple organizations can learn more and/or apply our process.programs


If you would like to LEARN MORE, we offer awareness programs. These programs will:

  1. Allow participants to quickly assess concepts, relevance and applicability.
  2. For some people, reinforce existing beliefs - validating your direction and/or expanding understanding and support for your existing ideals.

If you would like to GET STARTED, we can help you with application. These programs will help:

  1. Enhance leadership effectiveness - improving your team's performance, focus, alignment, teamwork, energy and commitment.
  2. Improve results - establishing sense-of-urgency, laser-like focus, and increased commitment and accountability.
  3. Deepen your personal understanding and well-being- learn-by-doing versus traditional training.
  4. Address structural or environmental factors that influence performance and the overall health and quality of the work culture.