Work Culture

Virtually all organizations are dealing with one or multiple of the outer-elements reflected in the graphic, the question is, are they effective?

Bringing Meaning into Monday™ develops the inner-core, creating a healthier work culture and positively influencing ALL outer-elements and resulting in improved results and employee well-being. This is achieved by emphasizing:

Balance: In addition to pay and promotion, people desire a sense of connection and a work climate that enables personal growth and self-actualization. When part of a bigger or shared cause, people have limitless potential. Sustainable success is a result of tapping it.

In addition to addressing the individual aspects, a greater degree of motivational balance will be achieved, intrinsically, the more leaders foster the following within the workplace:

Value: Producing value is increasingly more complex; therefore the ability to work effectively with others is essential to sustainable success. Defined this way, creating value extends beyond products and services and encompasses the quality of relationships and how business is conducted.

Unity: In order to produce value, many well-intentioned, diverse, even opposing perspectives and ideas must be considered and harmonized – getting everyone on the same page is a key role of leaders.

In order to achieve the above, there are four environmental factors or dials that must be in place – typically hidden, yet universal dials present in all types of organizations that only leaders are in a position to turn. Each dial, independently, presents leaders with the opportunity to focus and unify resources, enhance the value they produce, and achieve a greater degree of motivational balance.