Leadership Effectiveness

People have unlimited capacity, and the best leaders create an environment that allows them to discover and tap it. Employees, to remain motivated, require more than fair pay and safe working conditions. Effective leaders, by providing employees a better line-of-sight relative to how they or their work units contribute value, will trigger intrinsic motivators. People will feel more connected and emotionally engaged. This, in turn, will result in more committed, cooperative and responsive employees. Relationships will improve, and so will productivity, creativity, quality and teamwork. Conflicting agendas and self-interests will be better resolved in the context of a shared purpose that aligns individual agendas with organizational priorities; organizational priorities that are focused on delivering value.

Effective leaders, therefore, must be transformational, capable of redefining beliefs, mindsets and work practices in response to ever-changing conditions. This implies that leaders must be skilled at leading change. Their ability to deliver sustainable bottom-line results is dependent on it - as is the sanity, effectiveness and sense of hope of those they lead.

Bringing Meaning into Monday™ will improve LEADERSHIP effectiveness – equipping leaders to simultaneously improve performance and employee well-being by addressing the environmental factors that influence it.

To achieve this, good leaders must become BEST leaders, capable of:

Leaders will learn by applying the process to existing priorities or projects – creating a vibrant and empowering work environment one step at a time.

BEST leaders instill confidence, understanding and decision-making latitudes within their followers, empowering others to make faster and often higher-quality decisions; when the work is done people will say ‘they did it themselves.’