To achieve our purpose, we rely on a network of "associates" - a term we use liberally:

Facilitators and Coaches

We have trained associates who embrace our definition of BEST Leaders ... because when their work is done we want our clients to say they did it themselves.

associatesFacilitators: Facilitators teach, either in multi-team group settings or via webinars. They are proven practioners who have had direct experience applying the process themselves.

Coaches: Coaches are proven practioners who have personally applied the process in a variety of situations. Leading change is difficult; therefore, it's nice to have allies capable of providing support and encouragement.

Champions and Change Agents

In addition to the above, we rely on an extended, indirect network of 'associates.' Individuals who share our passion, purpose and philosophy.

Champions: Certain individuals naturally surface and quickly grasp the principles and approach we advocate. Their receptivity is due to the fact that we are singing-the-same-song. We provide them with a consistent voice and repeatable process that they can share and promote with others, actively.

Change Agents: Certain leaders are predisposed or wired in the more emotional and humanistic realm; a realm that, unfortunately, is frequently classified as "soft." We refer to these people as Change Agents; leaders who respect the human element of leading change.


We believe many of today's answers already reside within our clients and our process is intended to constructively tap this existing, diverse talent. In certain cases, however, our clients may require access to external knowledge and/or support. In that case, we may be able to direct them to other providers or trusted affiliates.

Affiliates: Our affiliates are professionals who can provide consultative thought leadership and implementation support to a variety of organizational improvement initiatives. For example, strategy development, customer service, leadership development, human resources, labor relations, image/brand development, and work process improvement.