The Bringing Meaning into Monday™ process is intended to catalyze (initate) action - generating early momentum and teaching leaders repeatable techniques to maintain it. In some cases, the following results were measured immediately after the initial 100-day process timeframe. In other cases, the results reflect what was achieved in the months or years following the completion of our intervention.


Metal Case Goods Manufacturer

  • Increased revenues 18% annually
  • Margins improved nearly 50%
  • Customers’ requirements became focus

Materials Supplier to Personal Care Industry

  • Tripled revenue growth rates
  • Achieved > $60MM in previously unrealized revenues
  • Stimulated distributor growth

Specialty Chemical Company

  • Annual revenue nearly doubled in 5-years
  • Recognized as one of America’s Greatest Brands
  • Awarded Specialty Chemicals Co of the Year
  • 100 Best Companies to work for in both Fortune and Working Mothers Magazine

Supplier to Electronics Industry

  • Increased growth rate faster than industry rate
  • Improved average price on a larger sales base
  • Generated ~ $10MM in unplanned new sales

Healthcare Provider

  • Reduced costs by $44MM over two years, without layoffs
  • Reduced medical errors
  • Surgical mortality rates beat national benchmarks

Demonstrated Value of Knowledge Mgmt (internally)

  • Aligned KM Services with Business deliverables
  • ROI = 23:1


Community / Recreation Facility:
Goal: Increase utilization of volunteers
100 day update:

  • Increased volunteer usage in summer programs; well over 100%.
  • Reduced 75% of set-up costs; projecting 5x annual increase in use/deployment.
  • Developed a volunteer tracking system: monitoring time and impact

Family Resource Center
Goal: Increase board alignment & financial
100 day update:

  • Preparing a development plan to raise $40000 in next year
  • Reaching more families – established 3 new goals
  • Created 2 objective metrics under each critical success factor

Parochial School System

  • Improved financial performance 150% (SCRIP)
  • Implemented Core Values system-wide

Cancer Services
Goal: Improve fund development – build coalitions.
100-day update:

  • Developed tracking system to monitor key events and donation sources – better understand key segments / tailor approach.
  • Developed 2-3 goals / recommendations
  • Revisiting community perception / brand positioning
  • Exploring expanding use of volunteers and committees