Bringing Meaning into Monday™ provides a repeatable process that helps good leaders become BEST leaders. This is achieved by applying concepts to existing projects or priorities. The process will unify the diverse inputs of team participants, resulting in a greater degree of focus, teamwork, ownership and shared-accountability. Progress is measured after the initial 100-day period.

The primary intent is to enhance leadership effectiveness – helping good leaders become BEST leaders. Leaders will learn by doing – “applying” new skills to an existing project or priority that involves others, a team. Results and teamwork will improve. And team leader(s) will learn new, repeatable skills.

The 100-day process will catalyze efforts, unifying diverse perspectives and agendas. Steps include:

  1. Identify an existing project or priority, aimed at one of the four environmental factors. Necessary sponsorship will be established.
  2. Prepare team leaders: clarify roles, timeline, and preparation required.
  3. Team immersion: team leader(s) facilitate the team (~5-8 people) through a series of exercises aimed specifically on the project itself versus conceptual. Critical success factors and goals will be defined, and a short-list of prioritized 100-day actions will be developed, including accountability.
  4. Progress will be monitored (and adjusted) after 30 and 100 days.
  5. 100-day progress will be reviewed with sponsors and next-steps will be outlined at that time.