The concepts that underpin Bringing Meaning into Monday™ are not complex. Our intent is to establish a common voice by “seeding” working examples into organizations – converting concepts into practice. This ‘walk before you run’ approach will rally diverse viewpoints and ideologies around a common and repeatable process.

The challenge is two-sided: individual and structural.

Individuals must be sensitized and capable of dealing in today’s increasingly dynamic and diverse work climate.

Structurally, leaders must create a work culture that facilitates this to occur – addressing structural deficiencies and/or removing historic impediments.

While we offer programs directed at self-growth and building personal resiliency and energy levels, our primary focus is directed toward improving leadership effectiveness, helping leaders structurally improve the health and quality of the work culture. This will positively affect all of the elements reflected in the graphic and resulting in a more resilient and vibrant workplace.

This can best occur via application – applying concepts to existing projects or priorities, aimed at one of the four structural factors present in all work environments. In this way, teams and resources already exist; and the intent of the Bringing Meaning into Monday™ process is to make these ‘existing’ resources more effective. Historical performance data is usually available and measures can be identified to track performance improvement; over and above historic trends.