The principles that underpin Bringing Meaning into Monday™ are universal and timeless, applicable in virtually all types of organizations, big and small. The following are a representative list of clients - business and nonprofit - that have improved their results and the overall health and quality of their work culture.



Financial Services

Health Care / Rehabilitation

Specialty Chemicals



Cancer Services

Family Resource Center 

Leadership Association


Parochial School System

United Way

Family / Community Center

“A good mix of theory, experience and application.”

“Excellent process! Develops a clear course of action.”

"We’re more hopeful now that we have a good plan that we developed together as a team. I no longer feel like a lone ranger, but I have partners."

“Results in action plans that are practical.”

"The process provided a shared experience with the key people at the table, going forward with a common language."

“We're better equipped to work through conflict, knowing that we're on the same page.”

“We feel a connection to the bigger goal.” 

“We now we have a unified understanding and plan - we shared assignments, responsibility, ownership and accountability. We needed the structure.”

“This model could be used by nonprofits and for-profits - we’ll use the approach whenever we need to build team consensus around an issue.”