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Title: Finding Meaning in a Teeter-Totter World

Publisher: CreateSpace, Scotts Valley, CA [March, 2013]

Author: Mark D. Sauter


Synopsis: Many people have lost touch with the essence of life: their intrinsic need to seek purpose, meaning and hope - a connection to something bigger than themselves. In large part, this is determined by the quality of their relationships and where they spend the majority of their time. For many people today, that is at work.

As the image of a teeter-totter conveys, a meaningful and healthy life requires balance: weight on both sides in order to make the ride enjoyable. One side reflects our more visible, outer values in terms of wealth, status, influence and pleasure. The other side reflects our inner values in terms of self-growth, relationships, and sense of purpose or contribution to others. Neither side is superior, it’s about balance.

This book will initially show how this ‘other’ side will positively influence our overall health, energy and vitality. This will be followed by what organizations can do to create a work environment that fosters it, improving workplace effectiveness, health and vitality.

"Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it."

– Gautama Buddha

Title: Bringing Meaning into Monday™: A Sustainable Approach to Bottom Line Success.

Publisher: CreateSpace, Scotts Valley, CA [October, 2009]

Author: Mark D. Sauter


Synopsis: In today’s turbulent and challenging times, we need leaders capable of instilling hope and confidence – particularly at work. We need leaders who are capable of achieving bottom line results, not through control or even charisma, but by creating an energizing and resilient work climate that harvests diversity and fuels cooperation and creativity.

Good is not enough, we require BEST leaders. BEST leaders who are capable of tapping the talents of others by building trust and accountability. BEST leaders who realize that, in the context of work, increased meaning develops by streamlining systems and services, and establishing a shared purpose that aligns individuals agendas with the organization’s priorities – priorities focused on delivering value to others.

"In order to create sustainable social improvement, it must occur where people spend the majority of their time … where group relationships are conditioned."

– Confucius