About GTP Associates

GTP Associates was established in 2002 as a result of over 25-years of practical experience in dealing with organizational transformation and the desire to assist others dealing with the need to change – helping organizations improve results and employee well-being.

WE BELIEVE achieving this is a result of continually improving the quality of relationships and how you serve the needs of others – coworkers, clients and customers. Stated differently, we believe work is about producing value for others and being rewarded as a result - personally and organizationally.

WE BELIEVE the challenge in many organizations is three-fold: individual, collective, and structural.

GTP stands for “Growth Through People,reflecting that people have a lot more to give. Yet it’s the responsibility of leaders to create a work culture that taps it, and it’s our desire to help them.

WE BELIEVE vibrant people – focused on activities that produce value – result in vibrant organizations. And vibrant organizations result in more vibrant communities, in terms of economic and civic vitality. Therefore, while we focus on improving the economic and cultural health of the workplace, our intent is to improve the health and vitality of the communities we serve.