Employee Well-Being

According to the Center for Disease Control more than 50% of the two trillion dollars spent annually on healthcare is avoidable if preventative steps are taken. This is not a recent issue nor can it be completely addressed with the simplistic answer of “watch what you eat and exercise more.”

Realizing this, a lot of effort is being directed at improving workplace health; in large part, in response to rising healthcare costs. Currently, the focus has been placed on physical behavior change, which is more tangible and easily understood. However, significant improvement will not occur until the intrinsic, more emotional needs of individuals are also addressed.

Bringing Meaning into Monday™ will improve employee well-being by adding weight or emphasis on the intrinsic side of human nature, resulting in greater motivational balance and:

Healthier Relationships: Given a shared-context around producing value, people will be better equipped to resolve conflicts, merge ideas, and ensure their focus is directed at the right things, those things that produce value for others.

Greater Resiliency: Work is increasingly more complex and demanding; therefore, in order to produce value and remain employable, people must be resilient, capable of coping with the everyday stresses of work.

Increased Energy: People are physically encouraged to eat right and get active. While beneficial, a unified, value-based work climate will also tap the social, emotional, mental and spiritual energy available at work.