Increased Energy

People are physically encouraged to eat right and get active. While beneficial, a unified, value-based work climate will also tap the social, emotional, mental and spiritual energy available at work.

People are social creatures, not machines. They will extract more meaning and energy from their jobs the more the social atmosphere and the quality of relationships improve. Their creativity, productivity and health will improve, as will their motivation and commitment to their jobs. It’s logical; the more people learn to respect diversity, reconcile differences, and frankly get along with people unlike themselves, the world in and outside of work will dramatically improve.

There are studies that depict five forms of energy always present at work – physical, spiritual, social, emotional and mental. While there has been a lot of attention directed at improving the physical health of employees, there is significant room for improvement addressing the other four:

As a result of harnessing these additional sources of energy, greater short-term results will be achieved and the odds of longer-term sustainable success will be significantly improved.