Community Vitality

Communities are seeking creative ways to better leverage local or regional talents and resources. And the quality and effectiveness of today’s workplaces has a profound effect on community health, in terms of economic and civic vitality, job creation, quality of family life, individual well-being, and finally, social stewardship – the willingness to give, advocate and volunteer.

In addition to client-specific support, GTP Associates is working to transform communities by offering a community-based approach, wherein multiple organizations or teams – across all sectors and size – can experience the Bringing Meaning into Monday™ process together. In this way, the process can be broadly delivered in an affordable and practical manner; helping transform communities by helping leaders transform their teams, departments and institutions.

The principles that underpin Bringing Meaning into Monday™ are timeless and universal, applicable in any organization or team that is searching for sustainable ways to simultaneously:

The process is practical and repeatable and can be equally applied within all community sectors.