In addition to pay and promotion, people desire a sense of connection and a work climate that enables personal growth and self-actualization. When part of a bigger or shared cause, people have limitless potential. Sustainable success is a result of tapping it.

Like a teeter-totter, life requires weight on both sides in order to make the ride enjoyable.  Material interests (e.g., pay, benefits, career opportunities and status) represent side A. And relationship quality, sense of purpose, and contributing value to the lives of others represents side B. Today, many organizations have become over-reliant on Side A to motivate and engage their employees. As a result, they often overlook or under develop Side B and fail to fully engage their workforce, head and heart.

By improving the quality of relationships and emphasizing how people and teams generate value for others, organizations will achieve a greater degree of balance – adding weight to side B. As a result, people will become more motivated and engaged due to improved relationship quality and a stronger sense of shared purpose. Profitability will improve, as will innovation, productivity and growth. Ultimately, communities will be improved as existing organizations become healthier, both economically and culturally. Employees, correspondingly, will have greater energy and sense of personal fulfillment, which will permeate their roles as parents and civic stewards.