Environmental Factors

Bringing Meaning into Monday™ will improve the health and quality of the work culture. Work is about producing something of value for someone else. Conceptually, this is obvious; achieving it is tough. In addition to developing new products, programs or services, and/or improving the quality, cost and delivery ease of existing offerings, there are various environmental factors or dials that must be in place – typically hidden, yet universal dials that only leaders are in a position to turn. Dials such as:

Providing strategic direction or clarity: Applicable to organization, work units, teams or projects.

Defining image, brand or reputation: Proactively defining specific characteristics that reflect what an organization stands for – ensuring external and internal consistency.

Customer Differentiation – managing service levels: Not all customers require the same things nor to be treated the same way.

Optimizing work practices and systems: Successful organizations proactively assess key work processes in order to improve productivity, responsiveness, innovation and consistency.